Authentic Surimi Seafood

There’s no hook, line, OR sinker

Meet Captain Casey McManus, as seen on the Deadliest Catch, to discover the straight story behind the real Wild Alaskan Pollock in SEALEGS surimi.

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The Sealegs Difference

Surimi Seafood Isn't Fake

SEALEGS surimi seafood is authentic imitation crabmeat made from wild-caught Alaskan Pollock.

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Featured Product

Introducing SEALEGS Real Simple

Our newest product has the same look, texture, and flavor as our SEALEGS SUPREME, but it’s made with only 9 ingredients.

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Real seafood, really good for you

We all want to eat healthy, but let’s face it: foods that are good for you aren’t always as tasty as foods that are bad for you. Check out our SEALEGS rebate and save $5 per case.

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