No Hook, Line, or Sinker

As a previous deckhand and engineer on many Trident catcher vessels, I can tell you there is nothing fake about SEALEGS surimi. SEALEGS makes surimi out of wild-caught sustainable Alaskan Pollock and Alaskan Snow Crab.

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About Wild Alaska Seafood

Wild Alaskan Seafood is the #1 protein on US menus for the first time ever, surpassing even Certified Angus Beef, according to Datassential.

In fact, 94% of consumers say they are more likely to order a seafood item when the word “Alaska” is used as a menu descriptor. Why are consumers demanding Wild Alaska Seafood now more than ever? Because modern consumers want food that is healthy, sustainable, and delicious, and no other protein delivers on those demands as well as Wild Alaskan Seafood. In fact, sustainability has been written into Alaska’s state constitution since 1959, when the territory became a state.


About Wild Alaska Pollock

Fish Crab

Trident Seafoods: Our Story

At Trident Seafoods, fishing isn’t just our business – it is our livelihood, our calling, and our passion.

Family-owned since our founding in 1973, we are fishermen, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to responsibly catching the purest, healthiest, and most sustainable seafood on the planet for over 40 years. Unlike most other seafood companies, we catch our own fish – controlling it every step of the way. And as the largest vertically-integrated seafood company in North America, we take our role as protectors of the source very seriously. Fishing is what we have always done, and if we keep doing it right, it’s what we will always do.


We have been entrusted with a great responsibility

One of our greatest strengths is our access to the source: the pristine, wild fishing grounds of Alaska. We know this resource is not something we own – but we also understand that it has been entrusted to our care. That stewardship is an honor and a privilege, and with it comes great responsibility.

For Trident Seafoods, sustainability is more than just a badge or certification – it’s an investment. That’s why we aspire to go beyond the letter of the law as we care for the resource in a way that ensures abundance, not just sustainability.